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Want An Easy Way To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day?

According to a 2012 survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 53% of adult dogs were classified as overweight or obese by their veterinarian. In addition to the health concerns, many experts say that lack of exercise is a leading cause of hyperactive and destructive behavior in dogs.

As the adopter of two beloved pit bull dogs, I'm always looking for ways to keep them well exercised. My busy schedule doesn't allow for the long walks recommended by professional dog behaviorists. I read about something called a flirt pole and thought it would be worth trying out. It works by converting the natural prey drive instinct in dogs into exercise as they attempt to catch the lure by sprinting, changing direction, and jumping.

So I bought one of the fiberglass rod flirt poles that are made in China. The good news is that the dogs went crazy chasing the lure. The bad news is that it lasted one day. One chomp on the tip of the rod and the fiberglass broke, splintering in my dog's mouth. I was angry and decided to design my own.

Sure, you can make a simple DIY flirt pole following instructions online. But I didn't want a simple flirt pole, I wanted the best flirt pole possible. So I developed the Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole, which I truly believe is the ultimate dog exercise toy for busy people. Our Flirt Poles are made in the USA using components tested for durability, strength, safety and light weight.

Here are some features that make our Flirt Pole V2 the best:

  • The only flirt pole on the market that uses bungee cord to prevent “whiplash” when lure is caught
  • Perfect for people with limited mobility
  • Our tough dog toys can be used with dogs of any size
  • Also works great as a training tool and provides the mental exercise dogs need
  • Regular size flirt pole has a 36” pole section and 52” cord
  • Jr size available for smaller play areas with 24" pole and 42" cord
  • Includes your choice of durable polyester lures in different color combinations, with or without squeaker
  • Easily change lures without the use of fasteners that can injure your dog's mouth
  • Lightweight. The Flirt Pole with the included lure weighs less than one pound
  • Soft, non-slip grip and wrist strap for easy handling

Imagine a quiet evening at home after a long, grueling day at work. The only sound you hear is an occasional “snort, snort” and the muffled “fruff, fruff, fruff” of dream barking. Your furry best friend is sleeping like a log, tuckered out from playing with the Flirt Pole. You are relaxed too. Comforted knowing that you are helping your four-legged family stay happy and healthy while still having time to put your aching feet up and let your body soak into soft cushions. This could be your night too!

Warranty Information
With our One Year No Risk Guarantee, you can return any of our tough dog toys for any reason within one year of purchasing for a full refund, including shipping costs (if applicable). What are you waiting for? Order yours now!

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  • 5
    Great size, lightweight

    Posted by Ally and Uhura on 14th May 2020

    The pole is big and sturdy enough that I know it's not going to break. The construction seems really good and not like flimsy products you buy on amazon. My dog adores it, but we were pretty confident that would be the case given how she tries to play with our cat lure toys.

  • 5
    Flirt Pole V2

    Posted by Melinda George on 4th May 2020

    Dudley and I really love his new toy. Dudley is an 11 month old Aussiedoodle. I am in my 60's and am not able to take him on long walks or do alot of exercises with him so this works out fantastic. Being able to wear this little boy out without wearing me out too has been a lifesaver.

  • 5

    Posted by Donna on 30th Apr 2020

    My little one sleeps all night after playing with his Flirt Pole.

  • 5
    Our pup loves this toy

    Posted by K Briggs on 27th Apr 2020

    Our 5 month old pup loves this! She can't get enough of it and cries when it's time to put it away. I use it to tire her out when she can't get outside to run and play, It works great. Sturdy, well-made, durable. She's rough with it and it's holding up nicely.

  • 5
    The best toy ever for tug of war

    Posted by Gracelynn Tenaglia on 25th Mar 2020

    I am a in- home pet sitter/boarder. My pups love these toys. The fleece tug and othe rugs with the bungee works great. We have strong jaw dogs, pits and frenchies and it holds up great and tires them out.

  • 5
    I love this product

    Posted by Jeffrey Causby on 21st Nov 2019

    I am in love with this product and couldn't live without it!!!

  • 5
    I recommend to all of my clients

    Posted by Elizabeth Ashley on 22nd Aug 2019

    It's an easy way to exercise your dog!

  • 5
    Squish face pole with toy

    Posted by Cindi S on 27th Jul 2019

    I was somewhat pessimistic about this toy for our German shorthair. She does not chase balls or frisbees. But this thing she loves loves loves. Last night I accidentally left it on the bed and she was So happy to see it she did a summersault to get the toy
    Glad my friend recommended
    Thank you.

  • 5
    Sturdy and tons of fun!

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Sep 2018

    I have tried our Flirt Pole with all 4 of my dogs and they all love it! It's really sturdy and I don't have to worry about anything breaking when even my biggest dog tugs. Great toy for a great price with fast shipping!