Super Tug FAQ

Get answers to common questions about our Super Tug dog toys.

How strong is the Super Tug?

While we don't have any official load ratings for the Super Tug, it was designed to be one of our toughest dog toys, with components capable of handling several hundred pounds of weight. The video below is a simple demonstration of the strength of the Super Tug.



What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, send it back within one year for a full refund of the purchase price.


How do I put the Super Tug together?

Please see the assembly photos on our instructions page.


Can my dog get hurt playing with the Super Tug?

The Super Tug was designed to be a much safer alternative to "spring pole" type devices, however, the instructions and safety precautions should be closely followed to minimize the chance of injury.


I don’t have a tree in my backyard. I do have a fenced in yard, and was wondering if it would work if put around a certain number of chain links with a post included in there.

I think it really depends on how strong the dog is and how well the fence is anchored to the ground. I think you would be fine with your Rat Terriers, but I would be concerned with something like a 100lb Rottweiler unless all of the fence posts were set really well in concrete. Even then, you would need to supervise carefully to make sure the repeated tugging doesn’t loosen the fence posts. I would recommend before purchasing to try giving a few tugs on one of your fence posts yourself. If it wobbles much at all, I don’t think it would be a good idea to use it as an anchor for the Super Tug.


I bought the Super Tug Toy for my female Pit pup.. She's about 9-10 mo. old.. I finally put it up and she started tugging. Then it dawned on her that the bungee was what was keeping the toy from her. Any thoughts as to how to keep her from chewing that?

The only solution would be training her to not go for the bungee.  You will have to watch her closely, immediately stop and correct her when she goes for the bungee, make her wait to start playing again for a few seconds. Then when you give her the command to start playing again, if she goes for the Tug Toy, praise her and maybe give a treat.  If she goes for the bungee, stop and correct her again and start over.  It may take a while for her to get it right so patience and persistence are key.