Super Tug Instructions

See video and photo instructions for our Super Tug dog toys and read important safety warnings and tips.

How to Assemble

How to Use


Photo Instructions

1.  Find a suitable tree, or similar sturdy object, and wrap the Super Tug strap around the base of it, joining the two metal D-Rings together with the metal Quick Link as seen in Photo 1.


 Super Tug Instructions Step 1


2.  Thread the Bungee Cord through the loop of the braided Fleece Tug and then attach both Bungee Cord Perfection Loops to the metal Quick Link as seen in Photo 2.


Super Tug Instructions Step 2


3.  Twist the threaded nut built into the Quick Link until the link is closed tightly.  The Super Tug should now be ready to use as seen in Photo 3.


Super Tug Instructions Step 3


4.  Encourage your dog to start playing tug-of-war by holding the braided Fleece Tug by the looped handle.  Once your dog begins to pull, release the braided Fleece Tug and allow your dog to continue playing tug-of-war against the resistance of the bungee cord as seen in Photo 4.


Super Tug Instructions Step 4


Safety Warnings & Tips

  • For best results, also use the Super Tug as a training aid during play.  For example, instruct your dog to sit and wait before being released by your command to start playing.  After a few minutes of play, instruct your dog to drop the toy and then start the process over again.
  • Only use the Super Tug outdoors on a grass or earth surface to prevent damage to your dog’s paw pads.
  • Always supervise your dog while playing with the Super Tug and store out of your dog’s reach when finished playing.
  • Never let your dog bite or chew on the Bungee Cord.  Immediately stop them and redirect their attention to the braided Fleece Tug if this occurs.
  • Inspect the Super Tug, especially the Bungee Cord, frequently for damage.  Discontinue use if damage is found.  Replacement Bungee Cord sections and braided Fleece Tug toys for pit bulls or any dogs are available.



Our products are not intended for use by children. Please contact us if you have any questions or problems at 1-888-407-2829.